Data Validation

Intellectual Property Management incorporates the producing and storing an enormous amount of information. Self-produced information i.e. the information resides in the patent firm docketing system or internal databases is relatively clear, straightforward and accessible. Some of this information is updated by Official registers or Patent Offices, through various information transfer methods – some manual and other electronic. In any case, errors might occur when local databases are wrongly updated.

We at App4Reg understand the risk of having wrong data in such delicate and sensitive processes. We believe that sensitive information, that can be retrieved from official online websites can and should be automatically and periodically updated.

The benefit? You can rest assure that your sensitive information is always up-to-date, and in addition no extra man power is required. All you have to do is to describe the area, in which you feel data should be validated, and we will do the rest – from online access, through data download and internal databases update.

Extra features would be advanced comparisons, clear presentation of discrepancies found and many more. Discrepancies (and the way to fix them) are presented in an intuitive and clear manner.

Click here for case studies examples of our Data Validation tools.