Routine Automation

Intellectual Property Management and submission demand tremendous resources to navigate the submission process. The lead time for case filling and submission is timely, again creating a demand for a dedicated resource. Resource utilization is unacceptably low, human errors are introduced into the process, and work is restricted to business hours only. Timely deadlines are missed. Overall operational backlog sends overhead costs sky-high.

We at App4Reg understand the process and have software systems tailored to your company’s needs. We offer partnership. Together we delve into your company’s environment, work processes and work flow. Together we identify your needs and priorities. Once we tailor our products to your needs we don’t walk away – we stay with you, guide you through the new systems.

The benefit? Your ROI increases, your resource utilization increases, your cost of submission decreases. And you can sleep at night knowing that human error has decreased and that you’ve reduced the high risk of patent infringement.

App4Reg works together with our clients to seamlessly provide automated solutions for client intellectual property strategies. Our strength derives from years of experience in the Patent-Trademark business combined with years of software expertise. We are on the cutting edge of the technology that supports automated patent submission processing. Our experience, the combination of software expertise and patent expertise, positions us to provide software systems that are tailored to our clients needs.

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