About Us

App4Reg is led by skilled Hi-Tech professionals with over 40 years of accumulated experience at R&D and Project Management. Our past experience lies within Telecom industries and tier-1 operators million dollars project management.

We work together with our clients to seamlessly provide automated solutions for client intellectual property strategies. Our strength derives from years of experience in the Patent-Trademark business combined with years of software expertise. We are on the cutting edge of the technology that supports automated patent submission processing. Our experience, the combination of software expertise and patent expertise, positions us to provide software systems that are tailored to our clients needs.

Our Vision


√ Saving Clients time and money by implementing high end technology Automation


√ Increase client operation Reliability


√ Provide strong Marketing tools


√ Free clients time for in-depth inspection and analysis for Process improvements


√ Help clients keeping their Focus on their core business