Automatic USPTO IDS Uploader

The Need

An IP firm, with a large amount of IDS submissions, had a huge backlog. The 4 guys IDS team , handled the submissions manually, thus never be able to work efficiently and perform in-depth analysis of the IDS process.

The Solution

A s/w  tool, which automatically uploads the IDS files into the USPTO. The backlog was reduced within two weeks and was never encountered ever since. Only 1 person is required, half time, to verify the correctness and order of the uploads, while the rest of team is now available for deep investigation of the IDS process as a whole.


The USPTO paper submission process is done by personnel manually working through the submission process. This is an expensive process in terms of manpower and time. A more costly threat is potentially high human error, and the high risk of patent infringement. Only one case can be worked at any given moment. The time needed for case filing and submission results in low utilization of human resources. Human error is introduces during this. To make life a little more miserable, the submissions, being human dependent, can only be worked during business hours.

The automatic USPTO IDS Uploader eliminates the manual work needed per IDS submission. After creating the template, the Uploader performs the entire workflow within the USPTO website. It finalizes the submission by saving and printing the EFS (receipt received from the USPTO) on the local PC and printer.