IP Management for HBOs

The Need

HBO with a vast number of patents, registered by hundereds of inventors from different hospitals and instituate, needed a centralized, powerful s/w to manage their IP inventory. Before approaching us, the entire work was managed through excel files, emails and paper work. Information was not full, hardly manageable, and with minimal ability for reminders, alerts, report generation and statistics. Since trading and licensing their IP is a core business, ab appropriate management was required.

The Solution

Building a Patents Inventory & Trading tool, which helps managing IP from evaluation stage, through efficient and simple tracking vs. Patent Attorney firms and till the commercializing stage. The tool proved itself to be highly efficient TTOs, who have to work online, insert information about new evalutions, upload data they have, get automatic reminders, set actions and much more. The s/w has project management tempalte, that guides the TTO through the project life cycle so to verify no step is forgotten.

The Patents Inventory & Trading Tool helps Institutions to manage their intellectual property in an easy, intuitive and efficient way. HBOs, Universities and other Institutions which incorporate large amounts of intellectual property need this tool in order to handle patents in various stages and countries, to service multi inventors, to share patents ownership, and to license its usage, to name a few tasks. Using the Patents Inventory Tool, our customers can grow a number of projects, managing IP Trading efficiently.