Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) Suite

“US patent law requires disclosure of all known prior art references that are material to the patent Examiner in determining patentability.” (37 C.F.R 1.56)

Until now disclosure happens in two ways: paper submission based on a USPTO-issued form and electronically through USPTO E-Filling web system. Paper submission is expensive and sensitive to errors and has a high risk for patent infringement. E-filling System submission is clear. While acknowledgement is immediate the IDS submission is manual, thus tying up valuable resources.

App4Reg addresses these problems and more with the IDS Management Suite.

The IIM Suite handles the overall IDS paralegal work – from the actual submission process, through IDS validation between the docketing system and USPTO databases, to the IDS client billing by creating the Debit Note.

While each product can be installed as a stand-alone product, the suite is a Powerhouse.



Automatic USPTO IDS Uploader

The automatic USPTO IDS Uploader eliminates the manual work needed per IDS submission. After creating the template, the Uploader performs the entire workflow within the USPTO website. It finalizes the submission by saving and printing the EFS (receipt received from the USPTO) on the local PC and printer.


√  Automatic IDS case Uploading
√  Full Uploading Solution, from folder analysis to receipt saving
√  Automated “User”, no undetected activity within the website, no human error
√  Advanced Error Handling
√  Minimal installation time
√  Minimal knowledge required for product operation

Automatic USPTO IDS Assurance

Vulnerability in the patent application lies in part within an incorrect IDS submission. Automatic USPTO IDS Assurance verifies that all relevant IDS items from your database are actually submitted to the USPTO. All omitted items are shown clearly, divided into categories – U.S Patents, Foreign Patents or Non Patent Literature.


√  Automatic IDS submission verification via USPTO site
√  Adequate for Paper and E-filling submission
√  Straightforward presentation of non-submitted IDS files
√  Minimal installation time
√ Minimal knowledge required for product operation

Automatic USPTO IDS Billing

USPTO Uploader’s logs are easily transformed into potential Debit Notes. The Automatic IDS Billing reads the output log of the Uploader. It prepares and inserts the relevant Debit Notes into the system. The IDS Billing allows the configuration of multiple groups with different payment terms, discounts and other billing related information.