Process, Time & Work Flow Management


Office processes are complex; Keeping the deadline is vital; Processes are inter-department and multi-department dependent;

Employees often cannot plan their activity and usually work on the next-thing-to-go;

Managers cannot clearly see work load, unable to balance it effectively and may miss processes milestones and commitment;




Process, Time & Work Flow Management – Flexible, Intuitive and ready-to-use online application that enables the office to manage its processes and tasks with minimal overhead

Why YES?

♦  Online work, specifically designated for your-kind-of-office operation; Processes are built-in to reflect your routine processes

♦  Current processes can be imported into the workflow database from any excel format based file

♦  A few hours manager’s setup and your office is set! Employees need no more than a few minutes a day to update their progress & status; Configured notifications prevent you from missing a deadline.

♦  Processes templates specifically designed for your office

Major advantages


♦  Simplicity & Visibility;

♦  4 different views to provide comprehensive understanding of

√  Processes & tasks planning & status
√  Risks & potential missed deadlines
√  Work overload, bottle-necks


Calendar, Daily Activities, Gantt chart & Load balancing  – All data is fully synchronized and automatically updated


Not Required:

χ  Servers, Software. Licenses, Installations etc.

χ  IT, Backup, Security etc.


In addition, the software supports:

1.      Roles, Users and Actions configuration

2.      Working days/hours/vacation configuration

3.      Notifications mechanism (internal and by email)

4.      Notes/Chat interaction per process/task

5.      Integration to outlook calendar for import/export meetings/manual tasks

6.      Ability to automatically create tasks from within outlook’s emails

7.      Current status export in any given time to a well-structured excel format file