Automatic Extraction&Analysis of PCT Information


How many times did you find yourself calculating your client’s PCT information? From the number of pages through the number of claims, independent claims, drawings, IPC, etc…

Understanding this frustrating process was the trigger for building a straightforward engine that does all the extraction stuff for you, including data parsing and information calculation. In addition, advanced information is added in order to dramatically reduce your analysis work and to provide you with the ability to deal with your core business.

Another motivation for automatic extraction of PCT information is to provide a quick & easy quote for National Phase entry, for a desired PCT application. Such a quote is obtained once the PCT information required for the quote, is already at hand.

What we do

Once requested, we enter into online registers (WIPO For example) in order to extract the PCT details, and save it in a well-structured format (txt file, xml etc.). Once a PCT Application Number or a PCT Publication Number is inserted, the data can be downloaded by the system so as to further insert it easily into the docketing system, by the client’s internal development effort in-house.

Once PCT details are extracted, a quote can be automatically generated within the system itself. Such mechanism provides end-2-end service, once a PCT application or publication number is inserted. A National Phase entry quote might be a complex one (depending on the number of the countries in which NP is required, official fee formula differences, service fees etc.), so using this feature has an important added value.

In addition, manual update of the PCT specification (#claims etc. required for the NP entry) is enabled in order to provide flexibility in the quote generation.

Web Access

An online service that includes an ability to insert a PCT Application or Publication Number, review the results, and download the result in a txt, Xls or XML format.

Once proper configuration is introduced, automatic quotes for national phase filing can be obtained to include official fees, service fees and translation fees, where applicable.

Online Service Main Screens